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Refrigeration Equipments

Refrigeration Equipments are made available in various types as per the need. The equipments consists of several equipments like compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion devices etc. Commercial refrigeration units are designed to increase the amount of cold air that remains in the system. There are several common types of commercial refrigeration units that are used by different industries. Units come in a variety of sizes from small display cases to entire refrigerated warehouses. The main way commercial refrigeration assures everything stays unspoiled and ready to use is by removing the heat from those products. The offered Refrigeration Equipments are very efficient and useful.

Four Door Commercial Refrigerator

This Four Door Commercial Refrigerator is the necessary equipment that comes with the four doors. We use the machines and techniques of the cutting edge for its fabrication. It is mostly used in retail stores, several food joints, various hotels and food courts. It is most important in the season of summer when the temperature is too much. It is famous for its high efficiency and long lasting functional life. The Four Door Commercial Refrigerator we offer is ideal for serving the commercial purposes.

Undercounter Beverage Refrigerators

These Undercounter Beverage Refrigerators are the refrigeration equipment that is specially designed to serve the purpose of easy storage of beverages in order to save them from getting spoiled because of the excess of temperatures. It works with low power consumption so it is most preferred by the users. Its designing and development is based on the cutting edge technology. It is superb in its finish and design. The Undercounter Beverage Refrigerators we provide is mostly used in hotels, shopping complex, canteens, and so on.  

Cold Room

We are engaged in offering Cold Room, which is equipped with refrigeration or cooling system to keep several food items requiring low temperature. Its designing and development is based on the advanced level of technology. This storage unit is supplied by us in different capacities, sizes, designs, colors and technical specifications. It has high-performance compressor system so it is capable of working on the commercial level. Our provided Cold Room is highly used in retail stores, several hotels, and many commercial food joints.


  • Quick and easy-to-install modular construction
  • Optimal temperature management
  • Low-energy consumption
  • Zero moisture penetration

Pantry Fridge

This Pantry Fridge is the best equipment that is particularly designed to be used in a pantry to serve the purpose of easy storage of a number of fresh food items in order to prevent them from getting spoiled because of high temperature. It consumes low power and gives perfect output. We use the high level of technology for its designing and development. The Pantry Fridge we provide is getting widely demanded in the current market because of its excellent quality.

Six Door Commercial Refrigerator

This Six Door Commercial Refrigerator is the cooling equipment that is equipped with six doors. It is sturdy in its construction as it is fabricated from the supreme grade of metal alloys procured from the trusted and professional vendors of the market. It is specially designed to be used in a number of retail stores, hotels, and other commercial places. The Six Door Commercial Refrigerator we offer is energy efficient as it has the motor and compressor of the high quality. 

Two Door Commercial Refrigerator

We are providing Two Door Commercial Refrigerator, which is fabricated by us with the help of our dedicated team of experts. It is ideal for restaurants, hotels, food courts, canteens, retail stores, fruits and vegetable stores, and so on. Its two doors make it convenient to open and close it very easily and efficiently. Our offered Two Door Commercial Refrigerator is also customized by us as per its technical specifications, size, design, color, and dimensions according to the demand for supply.

Refrigerated Showcase

We are engaged in offering Refrigerated Showcase, which is meant to be used to serve the commercial purpose. It is highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion, sturdy in its construction, energy efficient, fine and smooth in its finish, and superb in its design. This equipment is fabricated by us by using the allied tools and the finest grade of metal alloys as per the latest trends of the market. Our provided Refrigerated Showcase is equipped with an impact resistant glass.

Glass Door Commercial Refrigerator

We are providing Glass Door Commercial Refrigerator, which gives the people the chance of viewing the items kept in it. It has two self-closing and stays open doors along with the being equipped with a heavy-duty compressor. This type of equipment features standard safety door look, recessed door handle, pre-installed shelves, pre-installed casters, magnetic door gaskets, and a comprehensive loading or storage capacity per shelf in an efficient way. Our offered Glass Door Commercial Refrigerator comes with LED lighting interior display system.